2015 BTC coverage: Boston_Tattoo_2015_Newberg- Arthur Newberg Emily Lewis

2014 BTC coverage: sp 114

2013 BTC coverage: Freshly Inked Photos by Social Palates Photos by Arthur Newberg Boston.com Photos by Ryan Ouellette Leathernecks Tattoo blog WZLX Boston Globe Photos by Shenise Philbrook Photography
2012 BTC coverage: Event Photos Inked Mag Tattoo'd Lifestyle Magazine, Issue #7 Boston.com Stuff Boston Tsunami Tattoo Blog [One, Two, Three] Body Art Tattoo blog Visions Tattoo blog [One, Two] Made-Rite blog [One, Two]    
2011 BTC coverage: Event Photos Event Video Pain Magazine Prick Magazine: article / photos Tattoo'd Lifestyle Dig Boston Boston Herald CBS Boston Boston.com    
2010 BTC coverage:      
Check out this video montage put together by our friends at boston.com shot at the 2008 BTC.
Photos from the 2009 8th Annual BTC

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