2015 BTC coverage:

Boston_Tattoo_2015_Newberg- Arthur Newberg

Emily Lewis

2014 BTC coverage:

sp 114

2013 BTC coverage:

Freshly Inked

Photos by Social Palates

Photos by Arthur Newberg


Photos by Ryan Ouellette

Leathernecks Tattoo blog


Boston Globe

Photos by Shenise Philbrook Photography

2012 BTC coverage:

Event Photos

Inked Mag

Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine, Issue #7


Stuff Boston

Tsunami Tattoo Blog [One, Two, Three]

Body Art Tattoo blog

Visions Tattoo blog [One, Two]

Made-Rite blog [One, Two]



2011 BTC coverage:

Event Photos

Event Video

Pain Magazine

Prick Magazine: article / photos

Tattoo’d Lifestyle

Dig Boston

Boston Herald

CBS Boston




2010 BTC coverage:




Check out this video montage put together by our friends at boston.com shot at the 2008 BTC.

Photos from the 2009 8th Annual BTC

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