BOSTON TATTOO CONVENTION Posted on September 1, 2011 by SHAYNA CURRAN Ahhh, labor day weekend. You worked hard all year. Take a load off, get comfortable. Maybe allow a tiny cluster of vibrating inky needles to be jabbed into your armpit. Or watch it happen to other people. All this and more at the 10th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention, going down at the Back Bay Sheraton Hotel. For a practice that has been legal in MA for a decade, Boston can certainly hold its own when it comes to being all inked up. You have the fine professionals toting tattoo guns from around New England to thank for that. So stop by and say hi to the local artists from parlors around town like Chameleon, Hourglass, and Regeneration, or collect a new piece from artists coming in from further regions of the states. With so many portfolios in one place, the BTC is the perfect locale to go shopping for a future tattooist. If you’re looking to get some serious work done on the spot, contact an artist you fancy through the Tattoo Convention’s website. And there will be plenty of people with a free slot to give you that gecko armband you never knew you wanted but now have to have. If sweet body jewelry is more your thing, don’t miss Brian Moeller’s booth this year. He will be pushing an exclusive line of natural plugs from Omerica Organic, as well as lush lobular accents from Evolve and Tawapa. Oh, and he can pierce parts of your body you have never even heard of. Show producer Natan Alexander is excited about the social impact that the convention has left, and continues to leave, “Personally for me, it’s all about seeing friends, sharing different things that have been done with the art. It’s about a community celebrating that there, with our friends at ACLU that helped overturn the ban on tattooing.” Natan and the Boston Tattoo Convention are also proud to raise awareness for Japanese Red Cross and Homes for Troops, as well as securing personal freedoms with the ACLU. No dough for new ‘toos? Is your cupcake tattoo the gnarliest permanent confection this side of the Charles? Post it all up on the BTC’s facebook page; winner gets free admission. So come on, make momma proud and follow through with that Betty White half sleeve you’ve been talking about.

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