THE 9TH ANNUAL BOSTON TATTOO CONVENTION 2010 TATTOO SHOW By James K. Lindley Photos By James K. Lindley From the December 2010 issue of PRICK Magazine Wow! What an exciting Labor Day weekend it was for this year’s annual Boston Tattoo Convention. Witch City Ink hosted this years BTC at the ever impressive Boston Back Bay Sheraton Hotel. I thought that this venue was a perfect choice for the tattoo convention. It was located in a great part of the city that was very accessible.The building itself was really sweet too.The majestic ballroom offered plenty of space for the large amount of vendors, artists, collectors, performers and people. Even on Friday night when Hurricane Earl was expected, crowds of people from all backgrounds showed up at the Sheraton. About Hurricane Earl: I was born and raised in Florida and hurricanes were just a part of life like Nor’Easters are to a New Englander. However, hurricanes are not just a part of life. It was kind of a big deal on a few levels obviously: the threat of storm surge and strong winds is never fun, but the threat of high surf always gets my heart racing. Fortunately, Earl was downgraded to a Tropical Storm as he passed by southeastern New England, never hitting land. However, he did deliver a few awesome days of sun and pumping surf... I have to admit (as a surfer) that I played hooky during the day over the weekend to catch some hurricane swell. This year’s most impressive and popular artist seemed to be Saitama’s Horimyo who always had a crowd around his booth whether he was stretching, drawing a design, or just hanging out chatting with friends and colleagues. Horimyo specializes in “wabori,” a traditional Japanese motif.These tattoos are done completely by hand, a traditional Japanese method called Tebori. Horimyo is very graceful and patient while he tattoos his subjects who endure a little more pain than the traditional electric needle machine.The pain is worth the reward of a beautiful piece of art with bright colors. I was also impressed with the work coming out of the Aztec Ink booth. I saw some really detailed black and gray pieces while I was doing my rounds of the convention floor. There were a large number of performances like Black Cat Burlesque (always sexy and appropriate for this type of crowd) and American Fighting Association (who set up an exhibition ring for MMA demonstrations and sparring matches). Of course the BTC would not complete without the organizational skills and emcee antics of Dave (Bruins jersey guy). I would like to give a thanks to Natan and everyone else from Witch City Ink for putting on yet another great event. I cannot wait for BTC 2011 and would also like to thank Dave M. for allowing me to use his studio space and for being an all-around cool dude.Thanks, dude!

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