10TH ANNUAL BOSTON TATTOO CONVENTION TATTOO SHOW By George Weinstein From the December 2011 issue of PRICK Magazine Like Ravel’s musical piece, Bolero, where he used an orchestra to simulate foreplay and the sex act leading to orgasm and then to afterglow, such is how the Boston Tattoo Convention began and ended. On Friday Sept. 2, 2011, early in the morning, the tattoo artists and the vendors began their work of setting up their areas with signs, merchandise and equipment on the second floor of the Boston Back Bay Sheraton Hotel, which is part of the huge Prudential Center complex of buildings and businesses known affectionately to Boston natives as the ‘Pru’. The convention goers had their pick of some of the greatest artists from the Far East, like Japan, to that other Far East, New Jersey. Commerce and art slowly built up through the night. Permanent beauty was given to those who desired it and were 18 years old and older. Jagermeister made its presence known with a 20-foot-high inflatable “bottle” of the stuff and some of the hottest babes Boston and its suburbs could offer in the way of sexy and fun by George Weinstein promotional work. There were blondes and brunettes and chances to win a treasure chest of Jagermeister swag. And for those who had brand loyalty to that beverage: a hottie named Brooke applied a spray-on stencil spelling out the drink’s name. I went for it on the back of my neck just to have Brooke apply it and then blow on it to help it dry. The next three days were officially Labor Day Weekend and the crowds were there not only because they are ink lovers but also because most of them would do no labor on THAT weekend and were FREE. Except, of course, for the artists and vendors and the tireless Natan Alexander who ran the shindig and his faithful crew graced by the lovely and extremely efficient,Aya Hashimoto. Over the weekend inked up babes strutted the catwalk in several rounds for the title of Miss Boston Ink. Judges included this issue’s cover girl, Leah Jung, Playboy’s Miss June 2011, Mei-Ling Lam and Cambodian born beauty, Chanty Sok, who played Christian Bale’s girlfriend in the Oscar laden pic, The Fighter. While the tattoo artists worked their magic, from time to time someone from Alexander’s shop, Witch City Ink (Salem, Mass.), would go up on the stage where the Miss Boston Ink Beauty Pageant was held and rock music played, and request that people with 9/11 Remembrance and other especially meaningful American tattoos step up to pay tribute. Perhaps the most impressive was the “ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL” tattoo on the arm of the big guy in the green “IRISH” t-shirt, Ian Brinson, who was awarded three Purple Hearts for his courage and his wounds in Iraq. After the Labor Day Weekend petered out, indicating the official end of Summer, the 10th Annual Boston Tattoo Convention came to an end. Visit http://bostontattooconvention.com/ for more info on the 2012 show! Check out Prick's online photo gallery for the 2011 BTC here.

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