Forrest Cavacco

Forrest Cavacco, known to his friends and clients as Tattoo Forrest, lives and breathes tattooing. Known for his masterful technique, unique artistry, and independent style, he has been tattooing for 20 years and has become one of the most sought-after artists in the region.

Always independent, Forrest is the real deal and he knows it. He is devoted to tattooing- but he is also outspoken and provocative about the work of other artists. He speaks with the authority and conviction of a guy who has given his life to tattooing. He is in it for the art and not for himself.

Forrest got his first tattoo at fifteen. He learned the technique of tattooing in Boston, but learned the art of tattooing as he traveled, making stops in New York, LA, and Japan to study. He has since tattooed at conventions all over the region. His hands have been tattooed by both Bob Roberts and Horiyoshi, the two tattoo artists that most inspire him. He is a master of Japanese, American Traditional, and free hand tattooing.

Forrest’s shop specializes in custom tattooing. Whether he is tattooing a tree on an arborist paralyzed by a rigging accident, creating Halloween themed sleeves, or spending two years designing a stunning Japanese full body tattoo for a young woman, Forrest works with his clients to create unique art. His commitment to his clients’ individual expression is clear, and part of what makes his work so outstanding.

He says he approaches each piece with a passion for quality, not dollar signs.