Myke Chambers

At age 15, Myke left home with a backpack and his dog to wander the
the countryside by freight train in search of something he never
found. Living a vagabond life he began his tattoo apprenticeship in
1994…along with his schooling of hard-knocks and plenty of tough
life lessons learned, he’s emerged into a well rounded tattooer and
overall better person that is always there to help his fellow man when
in need.

Myke’s style has strong roots in Traditional Americana tho he likes to
put his own spin on the basic concepts of Old School, his style is
clearly his own. Today, he’s trying to focus on painting and growing
with every new endeavor he undertakes. Myke hasn’t yet shaken the
wanderlust and you might find him roaming anywhere in the world,
honing his craft.