Natan Alexander

Natan Alexander

Witch City Ink
Salem, MA

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Natan Alexander

Natan Alexander is the producer of the Boston Tattoo Convention. As a tattoo artist, he has worked for over 20 years in shops all around the world. After returning to his native New England he helped to legalize tattooing along with a handful of dedicated tattoo artists, collectors, and civil rights leaders. Since then, he’s opened 3 shops in the Boston area and produced the Boston Tattoo Convention for the past 20 years. His portfolio can be seen at @natanink

Artist Statement: I am a hard working tattoo artist and owner of Witch City Ink. I also produce the Boston Tattoo Convention and Massachusetts Tattoo Convention each year. As a tattoo artist, I do strictly custom work that challenges me and reflects my interests and those of my clients. My art draws from both sides of the spectrum of life, light, and dark. I enjoy a balance of these ideas in tattoos I create.
What I enjoy most is helping my customers realize their ideas and define themselves through their art. I believe tattoos are much more than a trend or fashion statement.

Tattoos = Transformation.

N-crysanthemums N-penguin-skull

N-renee-roses N-trad-skull-dagger