Cartoon network junkie, inventor of the reusable chinchilla, Pandora shuffle enthusiast.

Style: American Traditional 7RL or higher bold tattooing. I specialize in hand-drawn script lettering and love doing cover-ups of all sizes. Im also proficient in all areas of the ancient art of ‘Google Image flash’ walk-ins.

Influences: Uncle Allen, death metal and mosh pits, anything that comes out of Three Kings Tattoo, Norm Will Rise, whiskey, Simon Erl, John Farag and Inner City Tattoo, Tumblr, Timmy B, Myke Chambers, the cordless telephone, Norman Collins, New York City, hand painted flash, Cap Coleman, and Paul Rogers.

Pete n Cubos Tattooing
8809 101 Avenue
Queens, New York 11416

Instagram @beforethewrathcomes