Tiffany Garcia

I have been tattooing for for over 2 decades now, geesh, sounds like forever, but I’m still a big kid at heart, I currently am working strictly by appointment only these days to allow me to focus on my clients without the distractions of random walk ins or phones ringing non stop, so I apologize if I am sometimes a little hard to get a hold of, Emails are always the best for me..and I promise to reply to every one..

Every year I try to be sure to make the trek to my most favorite city of Boston from across the Coast from California, it’s a long and expensive journey that I wouldn’t want to miss for anything..I look forward to connecting with and getting to opportunity to tattooing the great people of New England..I even got married here, I love it so much!! See you all at the show!

Ink Apothecary
Signal Hill, Ca
Tiffany Garcia