Black Cat Burlesque

photo by Rachel Elliot

Performance days and times TBA!

Dedicated to putting the BUMP back into the night, Black Cat Burlesque has been raising pulses, the
dead and whole lot of hell since 2003. The bad seeds of Boston Burlesque, this scream team mines the
depths of their twisted psyches—blending striptease thrills and spookshow chills to push the boundaries
of the art form and explore the dark, cobwebbed corners of neo-cabaret!

Specializing in, but not limited to horror, B-movie themed and generally offbeat acts, we have produced
the now infamous burlesque horror spookshows at the Coolidge Corner Theater, Spooks A-Poppin’ and
the Spookalicious Horror Sideshow for the Annual 13 hour Horror Marathon. We have also co-produced
the sixties themed Zombies A Go-Go, Born to be Wild and the Russ Meyer Tribute nights at the Milky
Way. Our J. Cannibal runs his own bi-annual zombie fest, J.Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh, and is also one
of the masterminds behind the independent publishing and production company, Black Ocean.

Troupe History: Conceived in the back of a hearse by veteran burlesque performer, tassel-twirling dynamo (not to mention former mortician), Devilicia and monster man-at-large, illustrator Mister Reusch, BCB is quite possibly the only burlesque troupe to build its ranks in a funeral home . . . Then, during a particularly portentous embalming, Devilicia met fellow undertaker J. Cannibal. Over blood and formaldehyde, he revealed his nasty little secret: namely, a penchant for voodoo and one Miss Mary Widow — horror movie obsessed choreographer and gore-gore girl extraordinaire! Thus, our creepy coven was nearly complete and what ensued has left a trail of broken hearts and resurrected corpses across the Eastern seaboard. In 2006, we welcomed our newest succubus into the fold: the hot & deadly Yellow Fever!

photo by Sarah Paterson


Our own Famous Monsters have appeared at such events as:
NYC Burlesquefest 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008
Miss Exotic World Pageant
Boston Tattoo Convention
26th Annual SciFi Marathon
NELA Fetish Ball
B&D Ball
Garters & Lace Convention
Motherfucker NYC
LadyFest DC
. . . and with such acts as:
Jonathan Richman
The Dresden Dolls
Gogol Bordello
Beat Circus
Rev. Glasseye
Groovy Ghoulies
The Ghastly Ones

photo by Albie Colantonio


“..Black Cat Burlesque, a troupe that adds fresh, creepy camp to the art
form….. also celebrate the burlesque revision of female beauty, which
rejects the notion that women have to be thin, much to the delight of many
women in the audience..” —THE BOSTON GLOBE

“Black Cat Burlesque triggers pheromones with artful stripteases inspired
by scream-worthy B-movies” —NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“Terror and Titillation…” —THE WEEKLY DIG

“it’s daunting to consider the energy it takes to pull these fascinations
together into…” —PITCHFORK MEDIA

“We Featured Black Cat Burlesque this month and they obviously entertained you near to death.” —LATEX LILY PRODUCTIONS

photo by Caleb Cole