COVER UP Tattoos - Choosing your Battles with Javier Eastman Saturday, January 25th 2pm-6pm A step-by-step seminar covering the process of an effective cover up with an emphasis on design process.  Starting with a 30 minute introduction, the seminar will cover how to choose references, planning your cover up, stencils vs freehand vs stencil, ink selections and understanding your ink choices, execution (away from dark final tattoos), and highlights as light and as a tool to cover.  Included will be a live demonstration with a closing Q&A portion for your benefit. Attendants must bring notepad and something to write notes. You will be provided with a booklet about the seminar at the end and a certificate of attendance. Cost: $150 per attendant To  register please email Instagram @javiereastmanimage1 image2 image3 image4