Lenny Lashley’s Gang of One

Lenny Lashley is currently touring with the Street Dogs, but will again be performing live at the Boston Tattoo Convention this year! Find out more below and stay tuned for more information on his scheduled performances.

lenny lashley

Lenny Lashley’s “Gang of One” is a new project featuring Lenny Lashley, former lead singer and guitar player from the long standing Boston-based punk rock ska band “Darkbuster”. After a tour of Europe and subsequent nervous breakdown, Lenny has re-emerged after a two year sabbatical with a bevy of new soul-stirring tunes and an evocative, newer, “more mature” sound.

Originally tapped to record a singer-songwriter stripped down 7” on Holdfast records with producer Pete Steinkopf (of the Bouncing Souls) the project soon took on a life of its own with several other notable musical giants getting “onboard”. Joe “the kid” Sirois (of the Mighty Might Bosstones) lent his expert drumming skills to two songs, Pete played guitar, accordion, and keys, Brian Kienlan from the ‘souls added bass to two tracks, Jesse from “Gimme Drugs” also played organ on the record. Now touring as a solo act, a full length is in the works with some or all of the 7” cast joining up again. A full touring lineup is also in the works and they will be available for booking as such as well.

booking: gangofone@hotmail.com