Spitshiner is what a street punk band would have sounded like if they'd gotten together in 1895. Traditional instruments played with all the intensity of the Street Dogs, Bouncing Souls, and Sham 69, with lyrics to match. The band consists of seasoned veterans of the Boston punk rock scene who have played in and currently play in bands such as The Snipes, Beantown Boozehounds, Taxi Driver, The Gobshites, Suckerpunch, and Yesterday's Heroes. Their songs are a testament to living day to day in an unforgiving city, heartache, youthful rebellion, and better days gone by. Belted out by a lineup that includes Josh Ayola (Vocals/ Guitar), Chad Gilligan (Guitar/ Vocals), Mike Dominguez (Guitar/ Vocals), Jenna Bantjes (Violin/ Piano/ Vocals), Kevin Gallant (Lap Steel), and John Curtin (Mandolin/ Vocals). Drawing from diverse musical influences ranging from punk rock, to country, to folk, to blues, to good old fashioned hell raising barroom rock, Spitshiner is bare-knuckle acoustic rock and roll.

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