2014 seminars to be announced soon.

Progressive Piercing Techniques: Instructed by Ryan Ouellette of Precision Body Arts. Nashua, New Hampshire.

This year our focus is on minimizing tools with adapted freehand techniques. Learning how to complete a piercing with nothing more than a needle and jewelry can help increase efficiency in your piercing studio as well as make the piercing easier for the client. We will discus ways to perform piercings from back to front, or inside out. Piercings covered will include inside-out nostril and lip piercings with threadless jewelry, back to front cartilage piercings such as helix and tragus, as well as freehand techniques for nipples, navels, tongues, and more. Learn how to adapt freehand techniques to suit most common piercings. Attendee questions are encouraged, live models will be used to illustrate techniques. Great information you can use in your studio whether you are a newer piercer or have years of experience.

Course instructor Ryan Ouellette has been piercing professionally for over ten years and is the owner of Precision Body Arts in Nashua, NH. He has instructed classes for the Association of Professional Piercers annual training conference, the Body Mod Exchange Network (BMXNET) conference in Germany, as well as here at the Boston Tattoo Convention.

Sunday, Sept. 1st, 4pm.
Running Time: 90 minutes
Cost: $125 pre-registered, $150 at the door.
To pre-register email Ryan at:

The Basics of Tattoo Flash Style Watercolor

Topics Covered:

-Paint (watercolor verses liquid acrylic)
-Spit shading

Everyone that attends this seminar will receive Myke’s new sketchbook, Eternally Bound Vol 2.

This is a hands-on seminar. Brushes, paint, and paper will be provided (supplies permitting). If you have brushes bring them with you or feel free to pick up brushes before hand KAERELL Raphael (or comparable) #5 & #1.

Sunday, Sept. 1st, 8pm
Price: $100
Space is limited and will fill up fast. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance by emailing

Black and Grey Techniques with Carl Grace

Advance in your black and grey! Carl Grace will go step by step explaining his techniques in creating a solid black and grey tattoo. Using examples of previous work, Carl will explain how and why the skin was entered using various set-ups. The use of black and white, techniques of creating smooth consistent light greys, the secrets that come from years of experience with black and grey tattooing. Everyone knows watching is the best way to learn, a short live demonstration will be held to further the knowledge learned. Question and answer session will be held during and at the end. Topics Covered: Building contrast, focal points, full grey wash palette, solid black fill, realism, use of coils and rotary machines.

Monday, Sept. 2nd, 1pm
$150 to attend, and this class counts as a 3 hours of continuing education.

New Advancements in Tattoo Woundcare: Presented by Dr. Thomas Barrows M.D.

As Chief Technology Officer, Professionals Only and Medical Director of Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal, Dr. Barrows is an expert in laser tattoo removal and has lectured throughout the world on the topics of medical lasers, laser physics, and laser tissue interaction. Dr. Barrows has extensive expertise in tattoo ink chemistry, making him unique amongst physicians even in the medical laser world. As a member of the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, Dr. Barrows has also participated in the design and manufacturing of medical lasers.

Sunday, September 1st, 1pm
This is a free seminar sponsored by Professionals Only Inc.