ledouxseminar2-copy Advanced Photorealism for Beginners: An Oil Painting Workshop with Mike Ledoux Saturday, March 25th 12:30-6:30pm As the somewhat contradictory title suggests, this full-day, hands-on workshop is designed for painters of all levels of ability and experience, with a focus on advanced techniques and principles.  The practical methods and skills demonstrated in this course will give you the tools and the confidence to take your painting to the next level, regardless of where you start. Over the course of this 6 hour workshop, I will share my process- from design and layout, under-painting/ block-in, layering... all the way to finalrefinement and glazing.  With a combination of instruction, demonstration, and lots of hands on exploration, students will have the opportunity to begin a photorealistic oil painting of their own.  Cost of the seminar includes all instructional materials and supplies. Seminar will be limited to 8 people. Seminar fee: $150 To register, email Mike Ledoux at miketattoo@cox.net ledouxseminar1 . Bio: I have been tattooing in several Rhode Island tattoo studios since 2003. I attended Rhode Island College, and hold a Master's Degree in Art Education, which I used over the better part of two decades to shape impressionable young minds. Despite that credential, I am largely a self-taught painter.  Over the last few years I have honed my technique through a ton of trial and error, and I'm ready to pass those hard-won skills on to you. biophoto