Versatile Piercing Techniques with Ryan Ouellette

For many piercers the techniques covered in a seminar may seem intimidating. One technique demonstrated in a class may not be be compatible with your piercing style, work environment, or jewelry and material resources. Understanding multiple ways to execute the same piercing can make you a more versatile piercer and open up new ways to perform piercings you do every day. It can be difficult experimenting with freehand techniques when you are more familiar with forceps and receiving tube techniques. Certain jewelry transfers may feel awkward with the type of needles and tools you have available.

This class will explain and demonstrate ways to perform new techniques in a comfortable way, and help you gain the confidence to incorporate them into your every day work. How to perform the same piercing with and without certain tools, how to make disposable aids to simplify your set up. Piercings covered will include navel, nipple, septum, nostril, lip, and ear cartilage. Learning to perform a simple piercing with a new technique can easily transfer over to other similar anatomy and give you the confidence to try new techniques on more challenging piercings with success. Live piercings will be performed to demonstrate techniques, along with lecture explanations. Any seminar attendees who would like to be pierced during the class should contact Ryan about specifics. If you are not a registered attendee but would like to be a model for the class email Ryan for details.

Lecture and Workshop: 2 hour running time
Sunday August 23rd @ 1:00pm

Cost: $150 for new attendees. If you have attended one of Ryan’s BTC seminars in previous years cost is $125.
This class is open to professional piercers of all experience levels and professional piercing apprentices only, no amateur piercers will be permitted to register. License or professional reference required, registration is at the discretion of the instructor. To register email the instructor at:

About the instructor: Ryan Ouellette is an Association of Professional Piercers member and owner of Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire. Ryan has been piercing professionally since 1998 and has pierced at the BTC every year since its start. He has instructed seminars for the Boston Tattoo Convention, as well as the BMXNET conference on Germany, and the APP’s annual training conference in Las Vegas.

instagram: ryanpba

Ryan Ouellette
Precision Body Arts
3 Elm Street
Nashua, New Hampshire