Piercing Needle Bevel Theory w/ Ryan Ouellette

Sunday April 29th 2018 12:30 – 2:30

Join APP member and Progressive Mentorship instructor Ryan Ouellette for this two hour seminar. We will explore the tool every body piercer needs to be familiar with, the piercing needle. Anyone can poke a sharp needle through skin, true skill comes in understanding how to apply the needle properly to achieve maximum accuracy with minimal tissue trauma and discomfort. Freehand techniques rely heavily on proper fundamentals of this concept. Bevel theory and marking will be demonstrated through pictures, videos, and hands on simulations. Various needle bending methods and shapes will be explored to help with tricky placements and tight areas. New for 2018, needle crushing will be explained and demonstrated. Help reduce needle drag on larger gauge piercings and give your client an easier experience by using tools to reshape the bevel.

Pre-registration will be required to verify professional status. Registration is open now. Space is limited to 25 attendees so don’t delay. Please email ryanpba@gmail.com with the subject Boston seminar and include:

  • your full name (and what name you want on your certificate if it varies)

  • your phone number and mailing address

  • the studio you are currently working in

  • a copy, scan, or photo of your piercing license, piercing business card, screenshot of a website listing you as a piercer, or APP member certificate

Apprentices may attend, but must be accompanied by their verified mentor.

Once we have that we will send you an electronic invoice you can pay online. Cost of the seminar will be $150 for new attendees, attendees of Ryan’s previous BTC seminars and/or current APP members receive a discounted price of $125. Boston Tattoo Convention attendance pass not included in registration fee.