Myke Chambers will be back at the Boston Tattoo Convention this year, both tattooing and hosting a seminar, “The Basics of Tattoo Flash Style Watercolor.” You can find seminar info here, or keep on reading!

“The questions I get asked the most are about painting with watercolor so I thought this would be a good seminar as you don’t see it offered often. Watercoloring isn’t as easy as it might look…well, I take that back, if you know a few simple tricks it’s actually pretty easy. After you get the basics down it’s only a matter of practice and patience. With this seminar i’m offering you the basics that will set you on your path…nothing too technical…keep it simple stupid” -Myke Chambers

Topics Covered:

-Paint (watercolor verses liquid acrylic)
-Spit shading

Everyone that attends this seminar will receive Myke’s new sketchbook, Eternally Bound Vol 2.

This is a hands-on seminar. Brushes, paint, and paper will be provided (supplies permitting). If you have brushes bring them with you or feel free to pick up brushes before hand KAERELL Raphael (or comparable) #5 & #1. The price for this seminar is only $80, and space is limited and will fill up fast. Make sure to reserve your spot in advance by emailing

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