Techniques in Tattoo Modification with Andy Shou and 3 Dimentional Tattoo Details with Yue Heng
Saturday April 28th 4-5:30pm
In this joint workshop presented by Chinese tattoo masters, Andy Shou and Yue Heng, the attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Chinese tattoo creative process and techniques. Andy is the owner of Fright Tattoo based in Taipei, Taiwan, and Ningbo, China. He will discuss his unique tattoo modification approach. Andy is known for expansible and transformative tattoo modification works by using only black and grey inks. Yue is the owner of New Assassin Xincike Tattoo based in Yueyang, China. He will discuss the composition and technical construction of his tattoo design. Yue is famously known for ultra tattoo details, design alignment with body muscle and sophisticated use of shadowing to create the vivid 3-dimensional visual body art effects. 
Andy Shou has been a tattoo artist for more than 20 years. He is an influential figure in the early Chinese tattoo art movement. In 2003, Andy started the “Fright Forum,” the first tattoo think tank in China where he shared his tattooing technique, philosophy, and inspiration. Many of the top tattoo artists in China were heavily influenced by Andy Shou and the core value of Fright Forum, including Yue Heng. For the past 10 years, Yue has been one of the most exciting contemporary tattoo artists in China, and a master of his own with more than 200 disciples around the country graduated out of New Assassin Xincike institute. The mentor and mentee relationships between Andy and Yue continue till today and they are also close friends.