Boston Tattoo Convention 2011 Suggested Aftercare:

1. Gently remove bandage 1-2 hours after getting tattooed
2. Wash tattoo with clean hands and a small amount of anti-bacterial soap
3. Pat tattoo dry with a clean paper towel and allow to dry
4. Healing time is generally between 2-4 weeks. During this time, keep your tattoo uncovered as much as possible (no tight clothing or anything that will rub against it)
5. 3-5 times a day, gently massage a small, tear-drop size amount of fragrance free skin lotion onto your tattoo (We recommend Lubriderm, as it has the same nutrients naturally found in the skin and is easily absorbed while still allowing your tattoo to breathe. Free samples are available throughout the show.)
6. Keep your new tattoo clean and NEVER touch with dirty hands
7. Keep your new tattoo out of the sun while it’s healing and use sunscreen afterwards
8. Although you can shower as normal, no water logging or soaking in a bathtub or a swimming pool
9. Call your tattoo artist if you have any additional questions or concerns

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