Loud Style Design

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Loud Style Design started in 2001.
This brand has two significant points:
One of the points is the use of leather and silver. We design to emphasize the natural properties of the material in addition to using
those of extremely fine quality.
The second is the power of the spiritual world of expression designer Tomoki Takacho.
Tomoki receives inspiration from the loud and noisy culture of rock music and motorcycles.

Not only the design but also the action of this brand is “Loud”.
Even though it is an apparel brand, it is very unique that Tomoki goes on a
demonstration Tour for just his freaks 30 times or more in a year.

He doesn’t use the wax usually used.
His prototype production style is cutting down and carving silver
directly with his passion and emotion.

Company name: HEAT CO.;LTD
Address: 1-13-11 Morishita Koto-ku Tokyo135-0004 Japan
Tel&Fax: (+81) 03-5600-1972
e-mail: info@loudstyledesign.com (Representative)
Url: http://www.loudstyledesign.com/