Tommy’s Supplies

Tommy’s Supplies has been an international favorite for tattoo professionals for almost a decade. As the creators of StarBrite Inks, we know quality and the hand that creates it. Tommy’s holds true to a standard upheld by countless hours of preparations and salesmanship second to none. With new products as well as industry standards, we’re sure to be your first choice in quality tattoo products.

Tommy’s Supplies
Somers, CT

Tommy’s Supplies will be raffling off this .38 Special tattoo machine (to licensed artists only) at the show! Tickets may be purchased at their booth, during the show, for the following prices: 1- $5.00. 4-$10.00. 6 -$15.00. 8 -$20.00

.38 Special

The Tommy .38 Special machine was designed by my father “Tommy Ringwalt Sr” and is one of our best sellers do to its steady powerful running ability. It is one of the most popular designs in the world. They have a highly polished finish and real authentic bullet shells glued into the slots, which gave it the name, Tommy‚Äôs .38 Special. It was specially designed for professional tattoo artists to have a machine that is very well balanced for less vibration to perform nice crisp lines and smooth shading when tattooing. All of our coils are hand filed to a perfection every time so the armature bar hits at a steady pace to prevent the stress of overheating this great piece of equipment.