Witch City Wicks

Witch City Wicks
Salem, MA
(617) 838-7189

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Witch City Wicks is an independent, candle company founded in 2011 based out of Salem, Massachusetts. We are candle fanatics who love to make candles! All of our candles are vegan-friendly, made of domestically grown soy wax, all-cotton wicks, fine fragrance oils (phthalate-free essential and perfume oil blends) with creatively inspired packaging. Great care and detail goes into each candle, resulting in a diverse range of classic and edgy collections of quality, long-lasting candles, that enhance any home decor. www.witchcitywicks.com 12545292_438361586371533_1410758057_n 12501478_755968624537973_85532837_n 1971509_1629790557278111_1882748188_n