Eleftherios Andrew Peladis

Destinee Tatouage
Geneva, Switzerland

For booking inquiries: email info@mrpeladis.com or visit mrpeladis.com




Thankfully we welcome you to his page, Eleftherios (friends call him Terry!) is from Greece and lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.
His desire to evolve, as well as his passion for the world of painting and tattoos, made him want the tattoo machine in his hands and not just to observe it.
Having both people’s loved ones and his friends and clients encouraging him and believing his goals did not come to fruition. Working hard and steadily, today works as a tattoo artist, and that was the best he had put on himself.
Terry specializes in  realistic tattoos and abstract art in black and grey.
He loves what he does and is excited about his job, and that is why he is strict and very careful in all the details of the tattoo demonstration. He does not want to have a place for mistakes …. Ηe will be very pleased to see you and provide you with the best and most perfect result for your tattoo.