Mariana Rosales

Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium

(410) 402-3933

For booking inquiries: Have your people call my people......or email.

Hi. I am Mariana Tacos Rosales. The tacos is silent. Chinchilla mom. Pitbull step-mom and lover. Enjoys long walks on the beach. I been known to dabble in cosplay. Enough about me….JK you are here to find about me you nosey little scoundrel you. I am the owner and part time gypsy of Idle Hands Tattoo Emporium in Glen Burnie…..If you don’t know where that is, that’s okay cause no one does. It’s right outside of Baltimore and DC. Like in the middle. I was born and raised in Maryland but I lived here all my life so I travel with my partner in crime (@theartofdollar) to far & distant lands to bring joy and tattoos ……and free candy to good boys and girls!

I love Deadpool, comics, american muscle cars, wrestling, sailor moon, and hello kitty……… anything a little 10 yr old boy would be in to, you know? But I mainly tattoo colorful stuff and things. I like color! Lots of it. I don’t have a set style with my fashion OR tattoos. I will try anything once and OWN IT! So swipe left 🙂 or email me. But in all seriousness check out my portfolio and see if it’s me you’re looking for……..
And yes the answer is yes…… I am like this in real life. After about two red bulls.