Yue Heng

New Assassin Xincike

Instagram: @newassasin_tattoo
For booking inquiries: Contact Jason at (617) 818-3110

Yue Heng the tattooist, owner of the New Assassin Xincike Studio, was born in Yueyang, Hunan in 1977.  Since his childhood, Yue had enthusiasm for all kinds of art, painting, calligraphy and Zhuan Seal Script (a typical official character in very early Chinese history, AD 1st Century), implying his association with tattoo art in his fate. After a whole diversified career experience, he was deeply intrigued by tattoo art somehow ever since he first heard of tattooing. Since then, he decided to devote himself to Chinese tattoo art. Yue thinks of a tattoo as an unvarying body art. So he treats every job, every customer, with his heart and soul. The mantra of Yue is: “With my artwork, any inch of your tattooed skin would find the value of beauty, and every single time, I throw all myself in!”