Steve Gillespie

Steve has been tattooing for 10 years. He prefers realistic color but excels in any style.

Xstina Bennett

Inspired by indigenous art from around the world, the color pink, and pin-ups.

Natan Alexander

The man behind the BTC, owner of Witch City Ink in Salem MA and Lightwave Tattoos in Saugus, MA.

Jay Ski

A sexy Polish tattoo artist.

Tiffany Garcia

From light and feminine to dark and scary, creative tattooing with 18 years of experience.

Myke Chambers

Strong roots in Traditional Americana and a unique spin on the basics of Old School.

Seth Campbell


Ryan Ouellette

Accomplished body piercer and scarification artist with over ten years experience.

Sean Ambrose

Specializing in anything and everything exciting, unique, and story-driven.

Josh Hagan

Tommy Slocum

Specializing in custom black and grey.

Jay Cavna

Specializes in Japanese tattoos, tattooing 15 years.

Jason Zube

Tattooing from The Painted Bird in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Elize Nazelie

Specializes in custom, color, illustrative pieces.


Derek Colt

Andre Cheko

Colorful, new-school work.

Tuyen Tran

Passionate artist drawing from age 10, tattooing since 1998.

Eva Huber

Tattooing from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, specializing in traditional, realistic, and custom work.

Carl Grace

Holly Azzara

Tattooing from Always and Forever Tattoo in Watertown, MA.

Jaesun Dugan

Tattooing from Always & Forever Tattoo. Watertown, MA.

Markus Anacki

Versatile, from inanimate objects to portraits.

Jorge Seested

Tattooing from Kaleidoscope Tattoos of Cambridge, MA

Father Logan

Gordon Combs

Draws influence from American traditional but with a tendency for detail.

Sharonn Bradbury

Tattooing for 17 years, currently at Witch City Ink.

Michael Hastings

Traditional tattooing, bright colors, strong shading, bold lines.

Amanda Abbott

Interests in victorian, vintage, and neo-traditional tattooing.

Alec Rude Boy

Jay Blackburn

Illustrative work with an emphasis on perspective.

Mike Ledoux

Illustrative style fusing realism with inventive physics/lighting.

Erik Rieth

Artist & co-owner of Seventh Son Tattoo in San Francisco, CA.

Evan Olin

Painterly, realistic, and illustrative tattoos.

Brian Moeller

Professional piercer working with clamp/free-hand, surface, and micro-dermal piercings.

Alex Rojas

Tattooing from Horseshoes & Hand Grenades in Chicopee, MA

Jeff Burt

Steve DiFusco

Keith Miller

Andrew Stortz

Brett Rosepiler

Chris Marks

Josh Wilcox

Anthony Ortega

Dia Moeller

Tattooing from The Painted Bird in Medford, MA.

Ryan Vee

Mr. Bruce

Katrina Gafford

Tattooing from Visual Expressions in East Hartford, CT.

Forrest Cavacco

Tattooing from Cobra Custom of Plymouth, MA.

James McGrory

Tattooing from Fianna Studio in Portland, ME.

Ryan Jones


Nick Clattenburg

Big Checho

Giorgio Rabbachin

Tattooing from Pure Morning Tattoo.

Daniel Mrusko

Tattooing from Grace Tattoo.

Alex Pereira

Tattooing from Grace Tattoo.

Alexis Kovacs

Peter Terranova

Shane Baker

Jessica Brennan

David Tevenal

Tattooing from Columbus, OH.

Jon Mesa

Tattooing from Sacred Tattoo, NYC.

Kevin Borowski

Owner and tattooist at Iron Hand Tattoo in Cranston, RI.

Rodney Purrington

Tattooing from Worcester Tattoo Co.

Bob Lindell

15 years tattooing with traditional pieces a personal favorite.

Jesse Levitt

Tattooing from Needlewurks, Clifton Park, NY.

Mikey Fresh

Russell Townsend

Tattooing from Sinners and Saints Tattoo of Wareham, MA.

Kelly Green

Stefan Johnson

Herb Auerbach

Scott Barry

Sandra Burbul

Justin Hartman

Tattooing from Urban Art Tattoo of Mesa, AZ

Brandie Popps

Tattooing from AMPD Tattoo and Art Studios of Taunton, MA.

Timmy B.

Tattooing from Black 13 Tattoo of Nashville, TN.

Sara Purr

Tattooing from Rabid Hands of Seattle, WA.


Natalia Borgia

Tattooing from Beaver Tattoo of Woodhaven, NY

Ryan Thomas

Tattooing from Black 13 Tattoo of Nashville, TN.

Craig Beasley

Artist and owner of Monument Tattoos in Tallahassee, FL.

Cindy Maxwell

Tattooing out of Slave to the Needle in Seattle, WA.

Isaac Aguila

Tattooing from EC Tattoo & Body Piercing of El Cajon, CA.


Tattooing from EC Tattoo & Body Piercing of El Cajon, CA.

Raya Yeary

Tattooing from Classic Electric Tattoo and One Shot Studio in Maryland.

Aaron Coleman

Tattooing from Immaculate Tattoo of Mesa, AZ.

Shannon Ritchie

Megan Morris

Nico Negron

Jenny James

Matt Manning

Will Self

Abbylyn Williams

Sokiri Sin

KC Faldasz

Roz Thompson

Laura Marshall

Angelo Fernandes

Kelly Rogers

Michael Bianco

Andrea Swabb

Michael Boissoneault

London Reese

Riccardo Martinelli

Kenny K-Bar

Ariel Robinson

Chris Reilly

Craig Prentiss

Steve Martin Jr.

Buz Hasson

Iann Gama

Nicholas Adams

Matthew Murray

Ryan Murray

Justin Harris

Mr. Flaks

Gerald Feliciano


Dan Bones

Rich Bustamante

Ben Ring

Dan Sinowski

Michael Carter

Diego Brandi

Kurt Brown

George Rupley

Nico Lavoratori

Steve Gleason


Shane Murphy

Steve Costa


Greg Pezzoni

Sharon Lynn

Reed Mather

Kevin Bledsoe

Leilani Pagliarulo

Jehzel Ortiz

Sam Chacon

Tommy Harris

Jackie Sherman

Lisa Hower

Anthony Forte

Mike Stoll

Chavez Edgar

Drewski Elish

Tyler Monaghan

Dan Mugrauer

Ryan Bonsall

Jason Maybruck

James Clouser

Jersey Josh Stasium

Steve Pearson

Tommy Haley

Ben Mack

Ryan Willingham

Matthew Hockaday

Char Hall

Steve Gatrost

Jamie “Tank” Smith

John Farag

Michael Broussaeu

Steven Bahruth

Lee O’Gorman

King Len

Nick Kelly

Marissa Delastrange