Are you the next Miss Boston Ink?

If you have a shining personality And beautiful collection of tattoos –this is your chance to win the crown!

The winner of the Miss Boston Ink Contest Receives: a sash, tiara, $500 cash, & Two free tickets to the Boston Tattoo Convention for life!

CONTEST ENTRY: To register, you will need to purchase a Miss Boston Ink Registration Ticket and a Saturday entry ticket for the competition.

This can be done all at once, or each can be purchased separately. 


Contest FAQ


2017 Ms. Boston Ink Tiana Lee DeAngelis Photo


Previous Miss Boston Ink Winners:

2022: Lindsey Cline

2021: Cara Bella

2019: Jessica Olsen

2018: Nicole Nuwalski

2017: Tiana Lee DeAngelis

2016: Cyn Vicious

2014: Jada Bara

2013: Marie-Andree Baril

2012: Sarah Maillet