Unless otherwise noted, you can find our Contest Signup booth next to the Entertainment Stage. Signup for these contests ends 30 minutes prior to Judging.

Entry Fees: Tattoo of the Day/ Best In Show = $20, All other Contests = $15 

Size Parameters: Small = 4’x 4′ and smaller. Medium = Up to 8’ x 8′.  Large = Up to 12′ x 12′

General Information/Rules

  • All judges are impartial and unbiased. All entries are considered fairly and equally upon their own merit.
  • The performing artists remain anonymous until awards are presented, judging is based solely on the technical and artistic qualities of each tattoo.
  • Winning artists and winning collectors will receive a plaque. Contest registration is open to all applicants whose artist is attending the convention
  • All Tattoo of the Day entrants must be performed by artists in attendance at the convention, started and completed on the day of the contest.
  • Best Of Show entrants must have been started and completed on any day(s) of the convention
  •  Both the tattoo artist and the collector must be present to receive their plaque for Tattoo of the Day & Best Of Show. The collector must be present for their plaque in all other categories. In the case that either is absent, trophies will be awarded to the runner up.
  • All submissions to the “Best Cover-Up” category must include a clear and publishable “before” photograph.

Contest Schedule

Registration8:00 PM – 11:00 PMTattoo of the Day
Judging11:00 PM
Awards11:15 PM
Registration Closes6:00 PMSmall Color
Judging7:00 PMSmall Black and Grey
Medium Color
Medium Black and Grey
Cover-Up (clear “before” photo required)
Large Color
Large Black and Grey
Fine Art (Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, etc.)
Registration Closes9:30 PMTattoo of the Day
Judging10:00 PM
Awards11:00 PM
Registration Closes3:30 PMOverall Female
Judging4:00 PMOverall Male
Back Piece
American Traditional
Asian Traditional
Registration Closes5:00 PMTattoo of the Day
Judging5:30 PMBest Of Show
Awards6:00 PM
Please note contest times are tentative and subject to change as needed