Below are the official Boston Public Health Commission documents regarding artist practitioner license requirements and regulations. Additionally, we have attached the checklist that will be used by inspectors throughout the show. Print, study, be prepared! We want all attending artists to be able to work happily and free of surprises. Questions, concerns?
Boston Tattoo Convention 2015–Body Art Practitioner Checklist -Tattooing or Piercing License from State or City or Local Board of Health -Driver’s License or State Personal ID with photo -CPR Training (issued card) -First Aid Training (issued card) -Blood Borne Pathogen Training (certificate) -If state does not issue permits or licenses, provide a Tax ID number if possible.
Body Art Convention Inspection Checklist: This list is not exhaustive, but it is a guide to the most common issues for booth inspection during the tattoo convention. __All working artists are wearing their BPHC Temporary Body Artist Practitioner’s License __No food at work station/in booth and no beverages present except bottled water __Bottled water is capped when not in use and artists change gloves before returning to client after taking a drink __A labeled sharps container and a biohazard container are present and used. Both containers are emptied regularly and not over full. __Artist(s) are wearing new disposable gloves during practice and change them regularly – between clients, after touching a non-sanitized surface before returning to the client, etc. __Tattoo machine bodies and power cords are covered with new plastic wraps before each client __New clean barrier covering (plastic wrap, pad, etc.) placed on the work surface, rinse cups, and other equipment for each client __All inks and similar products are dispensed into single-use cups for each client – no drawing directly from the storage bottle/jar __All products applied to the skin, such as but not limited to, stencils, applicators, gauze and razors, shall be single use and disposable __Ensure all tattoo and or piercing needles and other reusable equipment are cleaned and sterilized in an autoclave prior to use. Accurate records of sterilization monitoring will be kept on site and presented to BPHC for review. __Open all single use disposable products and needles for tattooing in front of clients. __Each client must sign a consent form and provide a photo ID prior to performing body art. These must be turned in to the BPHC each day. __The area of the clients skin to be tattooed or pierced must be cleaned and sanitized using an alcohol soak __Artists must thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water and dry them before each client. Use an alcohol based hand sanitation gel to clean hands if soap and water are not available. Artists should inspect their hands for small cuts or abrasions, and apply any skin sealant if necessary. __All clients must receive proper after-care instructions. Completed tattoos and piercings must be covered/wrapped to prevent infection __All exposure accidents (eg needlestick/sharps accident) shall immediately be reported to BPHC. An Exposure Incident Record shall be maintained on site.

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